Online web developer tools

This suite of online web developer tools offers some easy to use web development tools. These are convert image to base64 image format, Create QR Codes, Minify html, conver hex to rgb color and format string.

base64 image

Using the Base64 image tool you can convert any image to an embeddable resource that can be used by data URI scheme. This can help you embed images inside the html or style sheet. A practical example of this is to create mobile applications using html with all the resources embedded. Also by embedding images inside the html markup the device sends only 1 request to the web server resulting in faster page loads.

minify html

Another useful tool in this online web developer tools is minify html. In my personal career I needed a simple tool that could convert a multiline html email template document into a one big line of html.

color converter

I believe that converting a color from RGB to HEX values couldn't be missing from here. Color Converter helps you do exactly that. Convert RGB to HEX and vise versa

string format tool

The next online tool that is included in this web developer tools collection, can help you convert strings that are appended using the ‘+’ sign to an equivalent of a c# String.Format. String Format Online tool can also go the opposite direction and break down a String.Format to appended strings.

qr code

QR code online tool helps you create a range of useful QR codes These qr codes then can be used for a wide range of applications, from logistics to personal business cards. Qr code stores text in an image that many devices (including many smartphones with android, ios, windows phone, etc) can decode. With this online tools you can generate QR codes that have business cards(MeCard, VCard), Internet Link or simple text.

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